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Force Majeure: Why Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Clauses Matter

Ensure your business thrives amidst disruptions with robust Force Majeure clauses and comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategies. Learn how to integrate these for resilience and operational continuity.

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Fintech Frontiers: Legal Landscape for Innovation and Sandboxes in The UAE

The UAE offers a dynamic environment for fintech innovation, with various regulatory bodies like the Central Bank of the UAE, ADGM, and DIFC providing supportive frameworks. These include sandboxes and special licenses to facilitate the development and testing of fintech solutions in a controlled setting. However, fintech companies must navigate challenges related to stringent regulatory requirements, data protection, and anti-money laundering compliance.

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Extension of Time Claims Under Fidic Form- Failure to Inform Claims on Time Results In A Loss Of Entitlement Under The Fidic Form

Under the FIDIC Red Book, Sub-Clause 20.2.1 mandates that both employers and contractors provide timely notice of claims. Failure to adhere to this 28-day notice period results in the loss of the right to claim additional time or payment. This principle is enforced strictly in common law jurisdictions, while civil law jurisdictions may offer some leniency based on good faith and local laws.

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Work Permit for Expats Over 60 Years of Age and Official Retirement Age for Expats In the UAE

The emirate in the UAE offers self-motivated and dynamic job opportunities to a diversified group of locals as well as ex-pats every year.

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Understanding Corporate Power Purchase Agreements: A Global Analysis

A PPA is a contract entered into directly between a provider (also known as ‘generator’) and a customer (also known as ‘offtaker’)

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Asset Seizure and Evidence In United Arab Emirates

This article will shed light on the methods and legal issues that must be understood and examined in order to secure assets

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A Brief Review on The Health Care Framework in The United Arab Emirates

The UAE operates within a constitutional framework at the federal level that includes provisions for the population's health and welfare.

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Liabilities Of Shippers Under Maritime Law

It is maritime law, a body of rules that governs everything that goes on in the sea and open waters.

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Claims Against Financial Service Providers in the United Arab Emirates

An accelerated procedure for handling debt claims has been implemented due to revisions to the UAE Civil Procedure Code.

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Amendments To the Real Estate Laws of The UAE- Sharjah Announces

Changes To the Real Estate Ownership Laws for Expats. The market for Real Estate in Dubai has been experiencing an extremely high volume of transactions since the first half of 2022

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A Practical Guide to Navigating International Financial Sanctions Rules in The UAE

Financial sanctions are frequently imposed against foreign nations, including people, companies, and entire economic sectors, during times of international crises.

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The Most Notable Changes to the Company’s Law in Saudi Arabia, - A Detailed Explanation Of the All-New Provisions

The Saudi Arabian Kingdom's Council of Ministers passed the New Companies Law on June 28, 2022.