Legal Notice

Fotis or Fotis International, is an international network of law firms, legal counsels, consultants, and other legal professionals that operate under the umbrella of Fotis International Law Firm Limited, Fotis International FZ-LLC, and Fotis International Law Firm FZ LLE and being premier law firms in United Arab Emirates (the UAE). The use of the terms ‘Fotis’, ‘law firm’, ‘firm’, ‘legal practice’, ‘group of lawyers’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and others are solely for ease in reference and does not indicate (or imply) that they are in any form of direct alliance, association, group or partnership. Therefore, the liability of each firm (entity) and their members, shareholders, employees, directors, affiliates, agents and subsidiaries does not implicate each other. Any disputes against Fotis shall be governed and resolved in line with the provisions of an underlying agreement or Terms of Engagement entered into by the parties. In the event that there is no explicit agreement or Terms of Engagement between the parties involved in a dispute concerning or in reference to Fotis, the latter shall not bear any liability on itself or its members, shareholders, employees, directors, affiliates, agents and subsidiaries. From time to time, Fotis may engage accountants, auditors, experts, lawyers, legal professionals, researchers, technical service providers and other third parties (the Associates) on behalf of its clients to provide any services through association. Kindly note that all domestic litigation matters (with the exception of DIFC Courts and ADGM Courts) may be referred to Marwan Mohamed Advocates and Legal Consultants or Ammar Almullah Advocates and Legal Consultants LLC.

Fotis shall not be a party to or held liable for any dispute arising between a client and Associates, unless such dispute is due to an erroneous act, error, omission or oversight directly by Fotis.