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We at Fotis Law Firm provide comprehensive legal advice and supervision of the legal proceedings for clients looking for family lawyers and divorce lawyers in Dubai. The Federal Law Number 28 of 2005, as amended by the Federal Decree-Law Number 29 of 2020, governs and regulates aspects such as divorce, child custody, inheritance, marriage, maintenance, and other family-related matters.

Our family lawyers are qualified to give more than just professional legal advice. Our goal is to deliver efficient services to our clients during their periods of emotional turmoil, assisting them in accelerating their cases quickly and achieving desired outcomes.



Our divorce lawyers, who are well versed with the Dubai divorce law, are specially trained in divorce and separation cases, providing reliable and cost-effective advice to protect each client’s interest in a divorce case. In addition, our skilled lawyers also effectively deal with child custody based on the UAE divorce law through the family courts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our family law division comprises a diverse group of lawyers, who handle various legal issues, including personal affairs, and have successfully represented our clients in the following areas with the relevance of family law in Dubai:


In the United Arab Emirates, divorce proceedings involve dialogue about the financial right of the wife such as alimony. Alimony is the many financial rights that a wife may be able to able to establish following the outcome of the divorce proceedings. In the United Arab Emirates, divorce proceedings involve a three step process. The first step involves negotiating with each other on all terms of the separation such as spousal support and property division. The second stage is referred to as settlement negotiations or mediation, where a facilitator helps you and your spouse reach an agreement. If there is no agreement after mediation, a judge will make the decision in court. The third step is the court hearing, where both parties will make their case before a judge. If there is no agreement after mediation and in court, the judge will decide.

Divorce filing, guardianship and domestic violence

The Court proceeding for the Family cases is UAE can be Daunting and complex for the non-Arabic speakers. Our team of Divorce Lawyers provide exceptional legal expertise which ensures that the clients get the best solutions which they deserve. Our Family lawyers are the experts in Family Courts and international jurisdictions. Our lawyers have a wide and deep experience of local legal system, which makes them comprehensible with the local Law, language, cultural and social practices in UAE. We provide exceptional legal expertise which ensures that our clients get the best solutions which they deserve.

Wills and inheritances and Separation agreement

Fotis’ team provide the best legal advice when it comes to inheritance laws in UAE. Our Family lawyers can assist you in drafting complex legal wills to handling custody agreements. You can be assured that your legal issues will be handled by one of the best family lawyers is Dubai.

Maintenance, division of assets, and child custody

Divorce cases are complicated and frequently involve a lengthy legal process. Our team of Family Lawyers are well-known for providing exceptional legal strategies in divorce cases, assisting clients in understanding complex legal issues with ease.

Pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements are legal documents that couples can enter into prior to a marriage. Agreements will govern how marital property is divided should the couple divorce and can provide some level of protection for both parties in the future. Post-nuptial agreements are entered into after a couple marries to address issues about their relationship as it exists after marriage, such as what happens if one spouse decides to move out of state or takes time off their career for an extended period of time because of a personal or job-related issue.

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