Creative Tower, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

About our
Fujairah office

We expanded our services to the Emirate of Fujariah in the year 2020 to cater to the legal requirements of corporations with inherent interests in the maritime industry, oil and gas companies, mining companies in widely corporate and sector-specific legal matters. Set outside the Hormuz Strait, our strategic office location serves as a gateway to providing exceptional legal services and expertise in the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

Our highly trained Fujairah attorneys are committed to safeguarding clients' rights and interests, even in the most complex situations. Our firm's success and pioneering position in Fujairah's legal industry stem from our expertise in various legal domains, including employment, family, commercial, criminal, banking, and finance matters. Our lawyers in Fujairah have positioned themselves at the forefront of law firms in the UAE by employing a dedicated approach, offering updated legal advice, and providing unwavering support through complex situations. Explore any of our practice areas or sectors to discover more about our lawyers and their expertise.