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Force Majeure: Why Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Clauses Matter

Ensure your business thrives amidst disruptions with robust Force Majeure clauses and comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategies. Learn how to integrate these for resilience and operational continuity.

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Fintech Frontiers: Legal Landscape for Innovation and Sandboxes in The UAE

The UAE offers a dynamic environment for fintech innovation, with various regulatory bodies like the Central Bank of the UAE, ADGM, and DIFC providing supportive frameworks. These include sandboxes and special licenses to facilitate the development and testing of fintech solutions in a controlled setting. However, fintech companies must navigate challenges related to stringent regulatory requirements, data protection, and anti-money laundering compliance.

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Extension of Time Claims Under Fidic Form- Failure to Inform Claims on Time Results In A Loss Of Entitlement Under The Fidic Form

Under the FIDIC Red Book, Sub-Clause 20.2.1 mandates that both employers and contractors provide timely notice of claims. Failure to adhere to this 28-day notice period results in the loss of the right to claim additional time or payment. This principle is enforced strictly in common law jurisdictions, while civil law jurisdictions may offer some leniency based on good faith and local laws.

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UAE’s Plans for Hatta

Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan launched earlier this year to build and implement a series of evolutions and initiatives across Dubai.

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An Insight Into Backward Integration

Backward integration is a method of vertical integration that involves the acquisition or merger with suppliers in the supply chain.

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Execution Procedures in Courts in the United Arab Emirates

The execution procedure under the judiciary of UAE is complex, mainly due to each emirate having its own jurisdiction when the matter is related to that emirate of UAE

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Law Enforcement on Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a term used to describe the scientific knowledge of classifying, receiving, handing out, analyzing, and reporting on data stowed electronically.

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Health Insurance in the UAE

In today’s fast-moving life, health issues are increasing day by day; hence, having a health insurance policy has become an essential part of life.

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Non-Disclosure Agreements as a Prevention - or Settlement - to the Release of Private Information

An individual may in certain situations obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement thus preventing them from revealing confidential information or data.

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The Impact of Competition Law on Bahraini Telecom Operators

The telecommunications sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain has viewed significant progress over the past two decades

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Combatting Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals in the UAE

This article looks at the UAE's legal system for enforcing trademark rights against counterfeiters and infringers.

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Disclosure Of Secrets, Insult, Reputation, And Libel in the UAE

Legal tools have been established for the use of judicial authorities in accordance with the following rules and regulations: