Cyber Law
calendar 25th June 2022
Law Enforcement on Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a term used to describe the scientific knowledge of classifying, receiving, handing out, analyzing, and reporting on data stowed electronically. ...

Healthcare Law
calendar 24th June 2022
Health Insurance in the UAE

In today’s fast-moving life, health issues are increasing day by day; hence, having a health insurance policy has become an essential part of life. ...

Administrative Law
calendar 23rd June 2022
Non-Disclosure Agreements as a Prevention – or Settlement – to the Release of Private Information

An individual may in certain situations obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement thus preventing them from revealing confidential information or data. ...

calendar 22nd June 2022
The Impact of Competition Law on Bahraini Telecom Operators

The telecommunications sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain has viewed significant progress over the past two decades ...

Criminal Law
calendar 21st June 2022
Combatting Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals in the UAE

This article looks at the UAE's legal system for enforcing trademark rights against counterfeiters and infringers. ...

Criminal Law
calendar 17th June 2022
Disclosure Of Secrets, Insult, Reputation, And Libel in the UAE

Legal tools have been established for the use of judicial authorities in accordance with the following rules and regulations: ...

Commercial Law
calendar 9th June 2022
Role of a Company Secretary in the DIFC

The role of the company secretary is pivotal in supporting and coordinating between various shareholders and directors of a company. ...

Commercial Law
calendar 8th June 2022
The New Consumer Protection Law

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, issued on 10 November 2020, Federal Decree-Law number (15) of 2020 regarding consumer protection. ...

Administrative Law
calendar 7th June 2022
Fundraising Regulatory Law in the UAE

In UAE, there exist strict rules regarding the regulation of fundraising and donating money for charity. ...

Employment Law
calendar 6th June 2022
Part-Time Employment in the UAE

The MoHRE enacted a new system under Ministerial Decree Number 31 of 2018 concerning the introduction of Part-Time Employment Contracts. ...