Personal Law
calendar 7th November 2023
Jurisdiction Of UAE Courts And Applicability of An Individual’s Personal Law

UAE blends civil & Sharia law, with varying jurisdictions across emirates. Dual legal system, choice in personal laws for non-Muslims, and flexibility in contract law are key features. ...

FDI Laws
calendar 6th November 2023
Green growth and responsible business: Exploring UAE’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) landscape

UAE's economic rise driven by liberalized FDI laws, diversification from oil, and strategic initiatives. Challenges remain, but its vision fosters global investment, trade, and innovation. ...

Business Law
calendar 3rd November 2023
Foreign Direct Investment Laws and Their Impact on Economic Growth in the UAE Introduction

UAE's rise as a global hub is driven by FDI laws, diversifying from oil, with challenges like regulation. ...

Property Law
calendar 1st November 2023
DLD Guidelines for off-Plan Sale of Property

Dubai's off-plan property market offers investors opportunities under strict guidelines for transparency and protection. Buyers should collaborate with registered developers and understand their rights. ...

Labour Law
calendar 31st October 2023
Cultivating Transparency – Whistleblower Protection Laws in UAE

In the UAE, whistleblowing highlights the tension between exposing misconduct and facing potential backlash. While legal frameworks like the Financial Crimes Law offer protection, cultivating a fearless disclosure culture remains a challenge. ...

Cyber Law
calendar 29th October 2023
Can The Use Of ‘Thumbs-Ups’ Emoji Be Recognized as Valid Acceptance of Contractual Terms

In this article, we delve into the complex and evolving intersection of contract law and digital communication. ...

Cyber Law
calendar 27th October 2023
Balancing Act: The Right to Privacy and Content Creation

In the digital transition, GCC nations, including the UAE, are balancing privacy rights with freedom of expression. They've implemented data and cybersecurity measures, mirroring EU's GDPR, to navigate the complexities of digital privacy and communication. ...

Bankruptcy Law
calendar 25th October 2023
Recent Amendments to UAE’s Bankruptcy Law: Personal Liability of Company’s Directors and Managers When Company’s Debts Cannot Be Repaid

In the Marka case at the Dubai Court of First Instance, company leaders were held personally liable for company debts, setting an unprecedented standard in the UAE. ...

Cyber Law
calendar 23rd October 2023
A Comprehensive Guide to Reporting Cyber-Crime in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a pioneer in technological innovation and smart city development. Yet, as it advances digitally, the nation confronts a rising tide of cyber-crime challenges. ...

UAE Blogs
calendar 23rd September 2023
Types Of Contractual Damages: A Comparative Analysis Between DIFC Courts And UAE Courts

Liabilities emanating from the breach of contracts fall within the purview of contractual liabilities. ...

Corporate Law
calendar 19th September 2023
Structuring a Joint Venture in the UAE

A well-strategized JV creates immense value and enables a business to achieve its formalised and desired organisational goal. ...

Family Law
calendar 12th September 2023
Rights Of Children Born to Unmarried Couples in The UAE

UAE's Progressive Legal Reforms Foster Stronger Families, Protect Rights, and Promote Social Equity. ...