UAE Blogs
calendar 23rd September 2023
Types Of Contractual Damages: A Comparative Analysis Between DIFC Courts And UAE Courts

Liabilities emanating from the breach of contracts fall within the purview of contractual liabilities. ...

Corporate Law
calendar 19th September 2023
Structuring a Joint Venture in the UAE

A well-strategized JV creates immense value and enables a business to achieve its formalised and desired organisational goal. ...

Family Law
calendar 12th September 2023
Rights Of Children Born to Unmarried Couples in The UAE

UAE's Progressive Legal Reforms Foster Stronger Families, Protect Rights, and Promote Social Equity. ...

Employment Law
calendar 6th September 2023
Procedure Of Claiming Under the New Unemployment Insurance Scheme

Learn how to navigate the process of claiming benefits under the revamped Unemployment Insurance Scheme with our step-by-step guide. ...

Finance Law
calendar 30th August 2023
Payment For Variation Works (FIDIC) With No Instruction

In this article, we will delve into the complexities surrounding the payment process for such variations. ...

Finance Law
calendar 21st August 2023
Identifying And Detecting Anti-Money Laundering Risks

This article seeks to provide valuable insights and guidance to help UAE lawyers navigate the complex landscape of AML risks ...

UAE Blogs
calendar 21st August 2023
Changes To UAE Laws Relating To Alcohol Consumption

This article delves into the notable changes made to the UAE's alcohol laws, highlighting their implications and potential impact on society. ...

Finance Law
calendar 4th August 2023
Special Purpose trusts in UAE: used for mutual funds/ securitization/ REITs

The enactment of the UAE's 2020 Trust Law marks a significant milestone in the development of trust jurisprudence within the country. ...

Intellectual Property Law
calendar 31st July 2023
Overview of Intellectual Property Issues in Cross-Border Joint Ventures

This article offers a comprehensive overview of the key intellectual property issues that arise in such ventures and provides insights into effectively addressing them. ...

Intellectual Property Law
calendar 24th July 2023
Madrid Protocol: Process of Filing International Trademarks In UAE

Learn the streamlined process of filing international trademarks in UAE through the Madrid Protocol. Our guide provides valuable insights and steps to protect your intellectual property abroad. ...

UAE Blogs
calendar 17th July 2023
Made In the Emirates: Standards And Procedure for Applying for A Certificate License Under The 2023 Regulations

Here are the key guidelines suggested by the best lawyers in Dubai to keep in mind when applying for an alcohol licence in Dubai. ...

Commercial Law
calendar 6th July 2023
Legality and Enforcement of Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) is an agreement entered into between two or more parties relating to their initial understanding. ...