Understanding the UAE Family Visa Rules in 2021

09 Mar 2022

The UAE residency visa allows foreigners to stay in the country for a determined time. As there is no permanent visa, it has to be renewed every one to ten years, and, if necessary, it can be extended. The fees for a UAE Residence visa depend on the visa duration. For instance, for three years, the UAE Residence Visa cost is AED 1650. The resident also has to pay for Emirates ID, medical test, visa stamping and insurance. Several visas are existing in the UAE:

  • Employment visa
  • Investor or Partner visa
  • Family sponsorship visa
  • Domestic workers visa
  • Specialist resident visa (Doctors, scientists, inventors, innovative people…)
  • Student visa

Recently the UAE has amended its visa policy. With the UAE family, visa rules 2021, several new visa schemes were introduced, and the previous visa requirements have evolved.

New UAE Visa Schemes


Remote work visa: This visa enables one to enter the country for one year to work remotely according to specific conditions without a sponsor.

5-year multi-entry tourist visas for all nationalities: Tourists from any country will be able to enter the country multiple times within five years for a stay of 90 days maximum.

Foreign students can accommodate their families to the UAE on the condition that they can afford decent living conditions and can financially support them. This modification was approved to support the students on a moral aspect.

UAE golden visa: A 10-year visa extendable to spouses and children. The list of professionals eligible to apply for such a visa is as follows: PhD degree holders, doctors, engineers, highly qualified individuals, researchers, scientists, inventors, artists, investors. Entrepreneurs and outstanding students can obtain a 5-year visa.

In conclusion, after the Covid pandemics and the numerous impacts it had on Dubai’s economy, the emirate is determined to become once again one of the most attractive locations in the world for highly qualified professionals. To achieve its goal, Dubai eased the conditions to obtain a visa through the UAE visa rules 2021 and even lessened the conditions to obtain UAE citizenship. One will require professional immigration Law experts at his/her side to carry out the formalities as per protocols to obtain residency in the UAE.