Human resource is the most valued resource in any company. Needless to say, human resources (lawyers, paralegals, administrative staff etc.) constitutes nearly 95% of the resources in the legal sector. A wise man once said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. However, we understand that not all steps can always be taken to prevent adverse situations and even if such precautions to ‘prevent’ are taken, there is always a growing probability of adversity. Therefore, we believe that we need to be wiser and ensure that lawyers with substantial experience in employment matters handle employment disputes in Dubai and UAE. That said, our team of employment lawyers in Dubai specialize in assisting and advising clients on labour disputes in all the Emirates. Our employment lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai work closely with human resource departments and in-house counsel on numerous employment matters. Our team of lawyers in UAE mainly work on the following aspects of employment law: –

  • drafting and vetting of employment related documents such as offer letters, employment contracts, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements etc;
  • drafting of specimen notices for hiring, termination, grant of leave and the like;
  • Legal opinion on restructuring, redundancies etc.
  • Review of case file and case analysis to understand and advice on merits on the case;
  • Calculating and analysing the total claim amounts (including end of service benefits – gratuity, leave calculation and outstanding salaries);
  • Representing employees and employers at the respective governmental departments and the courts.

Our team of lawyers in Dubai also advise on immigration laws for applicants wishing to migrate based on educational qualifications or direct investments. We help structure such transfer and assist the applicants in handling immigration applications as we understand the process and legalities surrounding the same clearly.