Hannah George

Hannah George

Junior Associate


Hannah George, a dedicated Junior Associate at Fotis International Law Firm, where she focuses on corporate law. With a passion for precision, Hannah's role is pivotal as she provides indispensable support to the firm's corporate practice. Her meticulous approach shines through as she adeptly handles complex tasks, from drafting legal documents to conducting in-depth research, all essential for successful corporate transactions.

Hannah's collaborative spirit is a cornerstone in the fast-paced realm of corporate law. Working alongside seasoned attorneys, she readily contributes her insights and embraces new ideas, all while staying attuned to the dynamic landscape of legal trends. Beyond her legal acumen, Hannah's interpersonal finesse fosters positive relationships within the firm and with clients. Her knack for simplifying intricate legal concepts establishes a foundation of trust and clarity.

What truly sets Hannah apart is her unwavering dedication. She goes the extra mile to ensure client's needs are met comprehensively, showcasing her commitment to excellence. With her finger on the pulse of corporate law, Hannah George is an invaluable asset driving the firm's success.


BA, LL.B. (Hons.), Symbiosis Law School, Pune


English, Hindi, Malayalam