Amany Gaber

Amany Gaber

Legal Assistant (Litigation)


Amany Gaber is a compassionate legal assistant with a remarkable background in litigation. With a heart for justice and an astute legal mind, Amany is an integral part of Fotis International Law Firm, infusing her expertise with a personal touch that truly sets her apart. With six years of dedicated service, Amany has seamlessly woven a tapestry of experience across the intricate world of litigation. Her journey has led her through diverse legal domains, gifting her a comprehensive skill set to deftly handle even the most intricate cases.

Yet Amany's commitment to her role goes beyond professional achievements. Amany's devotion is vividly seen in her hands-on role at Fotis International Law Firm. She is the orchestrator of client consultations and expert meetings, a bridge between complex legal procedures and client needs. She deftly organizes documents, prepares case files, and crafts power of attorney documents with precision, often navigating the intricate web of the legal system to ensure they're properly filed and acknowledged. Her commitment to the cases she handles is unrelenting. She prepares comprehensive fact sheets, briefs attorneys about case nuances, and expertly manages case details on the firm's management system. Amany does not merely observe court proceedings; she actively immerses herself in the court system, ensuring that every client benefits from the latest updates, judgments, decisions, and decrees. Her knack for coordinating with both clients and attorneys fosters an environment of open communication, where everyone involved is kept abreast of the case's progress.

With Amany Gaber as a linchpin of Fotis International Law Firm, clients gain not only a legal expert but a caring ally who relentlessly navigates the legal landscape on their behalf. Her fusion of legal prowess and empathetic diligence illuminates the path for fellow legal professionals and clients alike, reaffirming that justice, with Amany on your side, is compassion in action.


BA - Law Faculty (English), University of Alexandria


Arabic, English