Trends that Led to the emergence of Outer Space Laws in UAE

At this current point, UAE has the largest space sector in the region in terms of diversity and the size of the investment. The world is now technologically expanding and UAE with a futuristic view has a lot to do with scientific developments in outer space. The primary goal of the space law is to ensure a rational and responsible approach to the exploration and use of outer space for the benefit and interest of all humankind. The law in UAE that regulates outer space activities including the launch, re-entry, removing or disposing of a space object from orbit is the Federal Law No 12 of 2019.

The development of internationally established space programs, promoting research and innovation in space sciences, inspiring the young talents of the Emirates to start their career, and the creation of stronger international cooperation is considered the main objectives of the UAE Space Agency. The major progress of the UAE economy depends on the business and finance of the country, the oil and gas industry and, tourism. Since tourism is also a factor in the economic growth of the country, right now space tourism would also have a greater impact on the nation’s economy. 

Outer space exploration should only be for the benefit of humankind. The technological advancement in outer space has also given rise to some the major issues like Space Debris. Space debris is a waste material that is thrown out from a launch vehicle like rockets or parts of space crafts that are left to roam around in space which can cause a risk of collision with other satellites. Now it is the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and European Space Agency are to set up a start-up to clean all the accumulated junk within the space.  Scientists from Switzerland are about to clear the space debris when it is in its safe orbit, and their mission is about to start in 2025. The first mission here is aimed to remove a large piece of rocket cone.


The UAE has developed a National Space Policy serving as an extension to the UAE vision 2021. Whereby the policy aims at the following:


Principles have been implemented in the National Policy

There are these principles have been implemented in the National Policy


Analyzing the Treaties on outer space