KSA Citizenship for Distinguished Experts

The Saudi Arabian Kingdom has permitted grant citizenship to expatriates with special skills in various professions.  The royal decree permits certain highly qualified professionals employed in specialized fields of law, medicine, science, culture, sports, and technology to get Saudi Arabian citizenship. This new move is in line with Vision 2030, which aims to form the highest level of attractive business atmosphere for professionals. In 2019, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia declared that it has been going to open the gate to naturalization for prominent scholars, innovators, and cultural workers who meet the essential criteria.

The purpose was to allow professionals and investors to settle deeper in the Kingdom. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “aims to draw in scientists, scholars, and innovators from all over the world, to become a varied hub among the Arabian world”, Saudi Project tweeted at the time. The new regime focuses on professionals employed in specific areas and also includes some foreigners and tribes based within the Kingdom. It includes professionals in the field of forensic medicine and bioscience, technology,  agriculture, nuclear and renewable energy, oil and gas, artificial intelligence, as well as arts, sports, and culture. This new plan to grant citizenship is additionally associated with the diversification of the economy in the Kingdom, which drives the development and social reform plans by Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

It also underscores the growing interest of the Kingdom in talent and business as the kingdom seeks to enlarge into non-oil sectors such as manufacturing and tourism.

It will allow experts from all over the world to brand the kingdom a hub for sensible minds. To know more about the LSA citizenship reach out to legal experts at Fotislaw International.