Procedure Of Claiming Under the New Unemployment Insurance Scheme

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), has recently introduced a new Unemployment Insurance Scheme to provide financial support and stability to individuals who have lost their jobs. This initiative aims to alleviate the economic burden faced by those affected by unemployment and help them transition smoothly into new employment opportunities. In this article, we will provide an elaborative guide on the procedure of claiming under the new Unemployment Insurance Scheme in the UAE. Unemployment is a pressing issue that affects individuals and economies worldwide. Recognizing the need to provide support to individuals during periods of job loss, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken significant strides in establishing an unemployment insurance system. This progressive initiative not only safeguards the livelihoods of workers but also promotes economic resilience. In this article by top-notch employment lawyers, we will explore the UAE’s unemployment insurance system, its key features, and the benefits it offers to individuals and the broader society. 


A Safety Net for Job Seekers

The UAE’s unemployment insurance system serves, as a vital safety net for workers facing involuntary unemployment. This system provides financial assistance and access to essential services to individuals actively seeking employment. It aims to mitigate the adverse effects of unemployment, alleviate financial hardships, and enable job seekers to transition smoothly into new employment. The insurance program is split into two groups, the first of which includes those with basic salaries of AED 16,000 or less.        

A covered employee in this category will pay AED 5 a month or AED 60 a year in premiums. The insurance fee for the second category, which covers people with basic salaries over Dh16,000, is Dh10 per month or AED 120 annually. The employee has the option of making the payment on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis.  

Key Features of the UAE Unemployment Insurance System include;

  1. Coverage and Eligibility: The unemployment insurance system in the UAE covers both UAE nationals and expatriates, thereby ensuring inclusivity. To be eligible for benefits, individuals must meet specific criteria related to age, employment history, and the circumstances surrounding their job loss. Applicants must actively seek employment and participate in programs aimed at enhancing their employability.
  2. Financial Assistance: The unemployment insurance system provides temporary financial assistance to eligible individuals. The amount and duration of benefits vary based on factors such as the individual’s salary history and the length of their employment. These benefits enable job seekers to meet their basic needs, pay bills, and support their families during their job search.
  3. Job Placement Services: The UAE’s unemployment insurance system goes beyond financial aid and extends comprehensive job placement services. Job seekers can access training programs, career counselling, and assistance in job searches. Such support enhances their skills, improves their employability, and facilitates a successful reentry into the workforce.
  4. Strengthening the Labor Market: By offering financial assistance and reemployment services, the UAE unemployment insurance system helps strengthen the labour market. It ensures that job seekers can continue to contribute to the economy while seeking suitable employment. The provision of comprehensive support also fosters a more efficient and dynamic labour market, promoting sustainable economic growth.


Benefits of Unemployment Insurance in the UAE

  1. Financial Stability: Unemployment insurance provides a safety net, preventing individuals and their families from falling into severe financial hardship due to job loss. It helps them maintain stability while searching for new employment opportunities and reduces the burden on social assistance programs.
  2. Skill Enhancement: The system’s job placement services, including training programs and career counselling, enable job seekers to enhance their skills, explore new career paths, and adapt to changing labour market demands. This contributes to their long-term employability and personal growth.
  3. Social Welfare and Inclusion: Unemployment insurance promotes social welfare and inclusion by ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their nationality, receive support during periods of unemployment. This fosters a sense of security and social cohesion within the society.
  4. Economic Resilience: A robust unemployment insurance system contributes to overall economic resilience. It helps mitigate the adverse effects of economic downturns and enables a quicker recovery by ensuring that individuals can secure new employment opportunities promptly.


Step 1: Understanding the Eligibility Criteria:

Before initiating the claiming process, it is crucial to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the Unemployment Insurance Scheme. The primary requirements include being a UAE national or a UAE resident holding a valid residence visa, being between 18 and 60 years old, having actively contributed to the UAE social security system for at least one year, and being actively seeking employment. Familiarize yourself with these criteria to determine if you qualify for the benefits.


Step 2: Filing the Claim:

To file a claim under the Unemployment Insurance Scheme, visit the official website or visit the nearest authorized centre designated for unemployment claims. You will be required to provide essential documents such as your Emirates ID, passport copy, residence visa, employment contract (if available), and any relevant evidence of job loss, such as a termination letter or redundancy notice. Fill out the application form accurately, providing complete and up-to-date information.


Step 3: Verification Process:

Once your claim is submitted, the Unemployment Insurance Scheme authorities will conduct a verification process to assess the validity of your application. They may verify your employment history, reason for job loss, and other relevant details. It is essential to ensure that all the information provided is authentic and supported by appropriate documentation. Any discrepancies or false information may lead to rejection or delay in the processing of your claim.


Step 4: Waiting Period:

After the verification process, there is a waiting period during which your claim will be reviewed by the concerned authorities. This period may vary, but generally, it takes around two to three weeks for the review to be completed. Be patient during this period, as it is essential to ensure a thorough assessment of your application.


Step 5: Notification of Approval or Rejection:

Once the review process is finalized, you will receive an official notification regarding the approval or rejection of your claim. If your claim is approved, the notification will include details about the amount and duration of the benefits you are entitled to receive. In case your claim is rejected, the notification will provide reasons for the rejection, allowing you to understand the grounds for denial.


Step 6: Receiving Benefits:

If your claim is approved, you will start receiving the unemployment benefits as per the predetermined schedule. The benefits are usually paid on a monthly basis, directly into your bank account. It is important to note that you must actively engage in job-seeking activities and report any changes in your employment status promptly. Failure to comply with the reporting requirements may result in the termination of your benefits.



The introduction of the Unemployment Insurance Scheme in the UAE marks a significant step towards safeguarding the financial well-being of individuals facing unemployment. By following the step-by-step procedure outlined in this article, eligible individuals can navigate the claiming process with greater confidence and ensure a smoother transition during challenging times. It is vital to stay informed about the latest updates and changes to the scheme by regularly visiting the official website or seeking guidance from authorized channels. Remember, the Unemployment Insurance Scheme is designed to support you during this period of transition and empower you to regain your financial stability.


The UAE’s unemployment insurance system stands as a testament to its commitment to the well-being of its citizens and residents. By providing financial assistance, job placement services, and promoting economic resilience, this system safeguards livelihoods and supports individuals during challenging times. With a focus on inclusivity and skill enhancement, the UAE is fostering a more resilient and prosperous society, where individuals can navigate job transitions with confidence, contribute to economic growth, and build a better future for themselves and their families.