Fotis International Law Firm houses an effective team of international tax lawyers who are well-versed with the comprehensive regulations governing the tax system of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We have obtained a remarkable recognition in the market for deploying extraordinary tax lawyers and tax consultants. One of the interesting things about tax system in UAE is absence of any federal income tax law, therefore, taxes are not levied on income. It was only in the year 2018, the UAE government introduced Value Added Tax (VAT). However, there are different types taxes present in UAE, such as: corporate tax (limited to oil companies and foreign banks), tourist facility tax, property transfer tax, other regional based taxes, rental tax, excise tax. Our team of tax lawyers have been able to provide with professional legal assistance and tailored legal advice to wide range of clients like multinational entities, financial institutions, real estate investments, oil and gas companies, telecommunication, construction and infrastructure, healthcare, among others.

Our team of tax lawyers have represented our client’s interest in tax disputes and ensured to deliver favorable outcome. Our team is actively involved in forming various government taxation policies as well. Their exposure to working with broad spectrum of industries and individuals allows them to deliver top-class and seamless legal service in tax related matters. We have also effectively represented on VAT refund cases.  Our expertise in handling tax related concerns is unparalleled.