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Fotis International law firm offer excellent and expert advice and assistance in criminal cases in the UAE and abroad. Our team of lawyers has assisted numerous clients on high-profile and sensitive cases in different jurisdictions and courts in the UAE.

We render our expert legal services to clients accused or charged with:

We believe that all accused have equal rights before the law for a fair trial and defense in the crimes alleged against them. Our legal consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provide dedicated approaches after analyzing the facts and evidence of each case carefully. Thus, we are able to advise our clients with bespoke legal strategies that enable us to safeguard and protect their interests. Our senior attorneys stress deeply on the intricate details of each case. With decades of combined experience in the legal systems and statutes governing criminal laws in UAE and regulations such as the UAE Federal Law Number 3 of 1987 Promulgating the Penal Code (the Penal Code), we have been able to attain one of the highest success rates for our criminal defense in the courts of the region. The Penal Code has set out the provisions prohibiting various contraventions, felonies, and misdemeanors in the country and their penalties.

Our Criminal Law Services


Our transparent approach in each legal case provides our clients with an overview of the evidence against him or her and the strategy that we believe would enable us to fight for their rights and acquit them for the alleged crimes according to the UAE laws and punishments. We handle sensitive cases on various domains and boast a multi-lingual team that speaks over fifteen languages to ensure that our clients are comfortable conversing the facts of the case. We assist clients on checking police case, criminal case, and also work closely with them until the case is closed in the Courts. Our law firm is committed to the highest grounds of ethical values and professionalism when it comes to servicing our clients on criminal law cases in Dubai. Irrespective of the complexity of the matter you might be facing, you can be assured that we have the best criminal lawyers in Dubai and UAE to deal with your situation. So, for any of your cases, you may reach out to us via the contact us form, WhatsApp, or email, and our lawyers in Dubai will be glad to assist you.

Highest Success Rate in Criminal Cases


The team of criminal defense lawyers at Fotis International Law Firm has committed itself to giving clients under investigation or facing prosecution for state and federal charges the finest criminal defense possible. Our team of criminal defense attorneys, advocates, researchers, and administrators, led by Our Senior Partners, is dedicated to delivering top-notch performance and outcomes that are achieved through tenacious effort and the strictest ethical guidelines. Our offices in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are solely focused on criminal defense. We are equipped to respond quickly and effectively to any urgent issue using the most recent technology, scientific methodologies, research databases, and inquiry.

In the United Arab Emirates, criminal behavior is governed by the Federal Penal Code, whose provisions are largely based on Islamic law. Crimes come in many different forms because, in the modern world, they can cause financial, moral, and physical harm to any individual or group of people. Therefore, in order to provide their client with the best possible counsel, criminal attorneys in Dubai must fully understand the nature of the offense. Our team assists client in cases involving physical violence, domestic violence, crimes against dignity of any being, financial crimes, such as money laundering, loan fraud, cheque bounce, etc., drug trafficking, possession and consumption, sexual crimes, murder or attempt to murder, kidnapping, abduction, assault or any threat, theft, robbery, burglary or trespassing, cyber offenses, consumption of alcohol whilst driving or without license.

The substantive law and the law of procedures make up the two elements of UAE criminal law, the branch of law that deals with crimes against the public. The UAE Penal Code outlines the legislative requirements that establish what behaviors are considered crimes in the UAE and specifies the punishments that apply to such behaviors.

Felonies are the most serious offenses, and the crimes are broken down into three categories: contraventions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Our Dubai Lawyers provide bespoke and effective legal services in these kinds of cases. The Dubai Criminal Court has the authority to jail, fine, and exonerate those accused of committing crimes. Only criminal cases involving the Emirate of Dubai and other pertinent Emirates of the United Arab Emirates are the focus of our team of top criminal attorneys in Dubai. With the aid of the most recent methods, logical steps, research databases, and examination, we are prepared to respond quickly and persuasively to any criminal emergency with any client.

With the support of some incredibly gifted criminal defense attorneys, we are able to assist our clients by addressing their unique needs with originality, critical thought, and quick, efficient results. We are able to adjust to any circumstance since we have the knowledge, expertise, and variety. Our team of Criminal Lawyers are committed to provide our clients the best and honest legal representation before the appropriate judicial authorities with the goal of obtaining the best result for the client who has been accused or is prepared to file any criminal case against another person or entity. We always encourage our clients to sign our professional services agreement, which outlines the terms and relationship between the lawyer and the client and precisely identifies the services provided to the client, in light of our open and honest communication with them. Our office is aware of the necessity for immediate legal advice in criminal issues, so all calls and emails are promptly returned to guarantee that every client receives thorough legal advice without fail. Every single issue is important for our firm.

Our attorneys have received training to manage cases from police investigation through criminal court prosecution. They provide memos, petitions, and requests for bail for all accusations, particularly misdemeanors and any federal offenses.

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