Mining sector of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has experienced a steady growth ever since the exploration of rocks and sand for the purpose of manufacturing building rocks and cement for construction purposes turned into finding a wealth of essential minerals. The list of the minerals found in UAE has attracted several international conglomerates to venture into mining business in UAE. At present a dedicated legislation governing the mining industry is still in progress. However, the Federal Law Number 24 of 1999 concerning the Protection and Development of the Environment (the Environmental Law) is given the authority via the Federal Environment Agency (FEA) to govern all such activities which directly or indirectly impose threat or cause damage to the environment and its resources. Accordingly, the mining activities are covered by the following: Environmental Law, Federal Cabinet Resolution Number 20 of 2008, Federal Ministerial Resolution Number 429 of 2008 and the Federal Ministerial Resolution Number 110 of 2010. Apart from these legislations, Federal Law Number 8 of 1980 concerning the Labor Regulations (the Labor Law) covers the aspects of the operational safety and health of the individuals working in the mining industry, with an exception to a certain category of workers.

Fotis International Law Firm has a competent team of highly-qualified mining lawyers, clubbed with their extensive experience in handling labor disputes, have been able to assist broad range of clients with regards to the aspects related to mining industry. Our team of mining lawyers have been able to provide pragmatic and sector-specific legal guidance and assistance in the following aspects of the mining industry:

  • Mining transactions;
  • Obtaining mining permits such as environmental permit from the local authorities;
  • Represented clients in litigations matters involving the safety and protection of employees working there;
  • Joint ventures in mining projects;
  • Assisted in matters regarding the concessionaire pays;
  • Guidance on safety compliance by the employer;
  • To ensure our clients comply with the rehabilitation and restoration process of the area where the natural resources are exhausted;
  • Guidance on submission of essential data to the Ministry or Environment and Water every three months;
  • Represented Minors who are employed to work in the mining industries against the law;
  • Mergers and acquisition of the mining entities.

Our team of mining lawyers have achieved the confidence of our clients with their professional legal services and bespoke legal advice, which extremely benefitted our clients to excel in the mining business.