A good education is a foundation for a better future. Education plays a vital role in shaping up individual’s personality by instilling right set of morals, knowledge and attitude. Education is one of most important sectors in this world for its undebatable role in making this universe a better place. The Ministry of Education (MoE) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has taken substantial steps to bring forth significant qualitative improvement in the education system here by developing innovative and pragmatic education strategies. The UAE’s government has been considerate to provide the students with special needs with suitable learning facilities. Fotis International Law Firm, is a full-service law firm based in UAE, which has been deploying sector-specific legal consultants and professionals all across the UAE. One of our prime focus has been in providing unparalleled legal service to the education sector; we as a law firm are fully convinced the importance of having an effective education system. Our team of education lawyers are well-versed with the legal provisions governing the set-up of educational institutions in UAE or opening up of franchises by significant universities and schools from all across the globe. Our team of education lawyers have attained worldwide reputation over the years because of their effective and extensive legal assistance and guidance to several significant investors, local and international educational providers.

Our team of education lawyers have been able to provide a full-fledged and high-quality legal service on various aspects of education sector like:

  • Establishment of educational institution all across the UAE;
  • Provide expert guidance on matters related to real estate;
  • Employment disputes;
  • Intellectual property rights related concerns;
  • All the legal requirements in successful mergers and acquisition transactions;
  • Assisting in Construction project contracts and representing delay in construction cases;
  • Technology, Research and Development related queries and guidance;
  • Commercial advices;
  • Opening up of franchises and campuses for international educational institutions;
  • Compliance with regulation.

Our team of education lawyers provide customized legal assistance and advice depending upon on client’s requirements. We have also represented cases involving unjust deprival of learning service for any student and ensured such student’s government sanctioned rights are not taken away. We have also represented several significant educational institutions on various litigation matters like fee related, false accusations, etc. Our intention is to provide all the legal aid required to establish a healthy and rightful education system in UAE. Our team of lawyers have also proficiently represented matters involving bullying, sexual or mental harassment cases. Our team of education lawyers are highly qualified and well experienced, clubbed with their fluency in Arabic and English languages, has allowed them to provide professional and effective legal services.