One of the most preferred marketing strategies to expand one’s business and be widely acknowledged all across the globe is by entering into franchise agreements. It is a path adopted by most of the brand owners in order to enlarge the boundaries of their business, broadly establish their brand’s name and maximize their profits. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be an apt ground to establish once franchise, for versatile reasons like its multicultural population, highly opted tourist spot, favorable business environment, supportive government, among others. In UAE, there is no specific legislation governing the aspects of franchise agreements, but it has been fairly covered under the commercial transactions law, civil transactions law and commercial agency law. Fotis International Law Firm, houses a team of highly competent lawyers specialized in commercial law and civil law; who also hold a great expertise on all the critical and essential specifics of the franchise agreements. Our team of commercial lawyers have gained ample amount of experience over the recent years working with major enterprises seeking to enter into franchise agreements. Our team of franchise experts have been the preferred counselors by many investors and entrepreneurs involved in different types of industries for obtaining expert legal guidance and assistance on various aspects of franchise agreements.

Franchise agreements must be entered into with caution and due diligence, as the agreement confers the rights to sell one’s products and services and use their trademark and brand name on a third party (Franchisee). Our team’s extensive knowledge on all the provisions regulating the franchise agreement has turned out to be extremely beneficial to our clients with regards to, on including all the essential clauses (for instance- culturally sensitive clauses) to enter into a valid and secure franchise agreement. Our team of franchise experts have been able to adeptly represent our client’s interest before the UAE courts in cases of termination of the franchise agreements. Our diverse team of legal experts on franchise law are able to provide our clients with an exceptional legal service in the following aspects of the franchise agreements:

  1. Draft franchise-disclosure document and the franchise agreement in line with all requisite clauses as provided by law;
  2. Legal concerns arising out of the franchise agreements with regards to the intellectual property rights;
  3. Other essential contracts which are entered along with the franchise agreements, like for instance non-compete agreements, expansion agreements;
  4. Taxation;
  5. Regulatory compliances;
  6. Supply chain management;
  7. Dispute resolution;
  8. Competition law;
  9. Unit franchising;
  10. Risk management;
  11. Product marketing and sales;
  12. Master franchising;

They are able to provide the most reliable legal assistance with regards to matters involving franchise projects because of their in-depth knowledge of other legislations like contract law, intellectual property law, anti-trust law, advertising, fraud and misrepresentation and employment laws. Our team of franchise expert’s fluency in Arabic and English languages, along with fifteen (15) other languages has been a great asset for our clients while negotiating on the franchise agreements. Our franchise experts team’s exposure to provide legal assistance with regards to all the aspects of the franchise agreements to various industries like, food, restaurant, retail, fitness, education, fashion, café’s and automobile, among others allows them to deliver a professional and flawless legal service.