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Banking and Finance Law Firm in Dubai

Our banking and finance law firm in Dubai represents our client’s case in depth so as to come up with the most tailored and suitable legal solutions. Our banking lawyers in Dubai also manage the process of execution while keeping a close check on the legal proceedings in order to make any required changes in order to get a better result. Furthermore, banking lawyers in Dubai provide all our services that are available to any group or category of corporate organizations and people who wish to explore various investment options or who have already invested in various portfolios and want legal and professional advice.

Services by Our Finance Lawyers in Dubai

Our finance and banking lawyers in Dubai help our clients with the following:

  1. Banking litigation: Our legal team assists SMEs, individuals, and families who have been victims of various financial and banking frauds.
  2. Islamic finance: We advise on topics ranging from endowment and licensing to paperwork and structuring for a variety of distinct Islamic banking organizations operating in the Middle East.

Banking partnerships: Our banking and finance lawyers can assist you in creating contracts for a variety of transactions involving the financing of two or more persons.

Our law firm in UAE has highly experienced lawyers in Dubai and other emirates of the UAE have extensive experience with the financing and baking industry of UAE and have negotiated with a number of financial institutions in the country to secure various banking benefits for our clients that will assist them in achieving different investment projects. Our law firm in UAE is recognized for a very commercial and practical approach which we adopt in every case. For any of your matters, you may reach out to us via the contact us form, WhatsApp, or email, and our legal consultants in Dubai will be glad to assist you. 

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Fotis can be your most trusted legal group to partner with. With our expert team of lawyers, be assured that your legal matters are in safe hands.

Legal Services

We can help you in the following practice areas.

Intellectual Property Law

Technology & Media

Our attorneys work with close evaluations and studies that can help you deal with the right investment of your Intellectual Property especially in the field

Finance Law

The attorneys and lawyers from Fotis will fight their best in all matters that are related to providing you financial security and assistance.

Real Estate

With Fotis, you get assured assistance and guidance on everything you need to get acquainted with while dealing with sale, rental, and lease of real
Our lawyers and attorneys are experienced practitioners and they can help you in being your perfect middlemen and place of advice dealing with matters of
When it comes to law and justice, Fotis can be your best legal partners even when it comes to personal matters of marriage, custody, family,


We cover matters related to claims and policies for insurance for all strata including the stakeholders, employees, health claims, accident claims, and so on.
Our team of empathetic and supportive lawyers and attorneys provides you all the required services and legal advice in matters related to your health care

Labor Law

Fotis and its team of expert lawyers have a good amount of practice and experience and can help people dealing with their labor laws, assuring


Fotis can be your most trusted legal group to partner with. With our expert team of lawyers, be assured that your legal matters are in

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