FMCG is at the forefront of the consumer market today. Brand name is a valuable asset today and conglomerates are investing heavily into various areas of their business to uphold their brand value in the market. The FMCG market is a vast market covering a multitude of products in an evolving marketplace. Therefore, numerous local and international companies have emerged as the major players in this race to elevate their market dominance and market value. Our lawyers have advised and assisted numerous clients in diverse sectors such as cosmetics, electronics, fashion and wearables and food and beverages. We have been lauded as one of the foremost law firms in the region to specialize in various aspects of the operations of FMCG companies considering our approach with a commercial-perspective.

Our FMCG Practice comprises lawyers renowned in intellectual property law considering the present-day predicament where infringement and dilution matters are on the rise. We understand that companies spend colossal amounts into brand name development, trademark protection and research and development. However, this also means that every minute oversight could have massive impacts on the business. We assist companies in the FMCG sector on various subjects including brand enforcement, customs claims, parallel importation, piracy, trademark infringement and trademark dilution in the Middle East. Our lawyers have assisted multinational corporations and work closely with the internal legal and compliance departments of numerous companies on an array of legal issues. Our expertise and knowledge of the statutes and regulations on customs laws and intellectual property enable us to safeguard the commercial interests of our clients in the region.

We also assist our clients in consumer protection cases and professional negligence matters that may arise in the operational course of their business. Our primary aim is to ensure that we guide them legally so that they can evolve operationally. Our expertise in the field also extends to corporate and commercial matters including contract negotiation, conveyancing, liaising with the respective governmental authorities (such as the Ministry of Economy, the Department of Economic Development and the Dubai Customs). Our lawyers have been successful in negotiating various franchise and agency deals in the region for numerous companies in the FMCG sector.