Fotis International Law Firm has wide range of dynamic and assorted legal professionals specialized in various areas of law. We are a globally spread and firmly established law firm in the in the Middle East region, with our main branch located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We encompass a team of well-trained and highly efficient lawyers specialized in family laws of different countries. We take pride in introducing our team of remarkable local and international lawyers specialized in UAE’s personal status law, civil law and criminal law entailing the provisions governing the personal affairs of the national and non-national UAE residents. UAE has been the most opted destination for many young couples from all across the globe who are in pursuit of making a successful career. Eighty (80) percent of the UAE’s population is dominated by expatriates. UAE’s government has earned a status of a highly tolerant and thoughtful country amongst the Middle East region for its radical steps in walking on the principles of tolerance towards the non-local residents. UAE’s legal framework is strongly founded on the Sharia principles, to the extent that it holds the surpassing power all other federal laws. In the present times, filing for divorce has become the most common thing for various reasons like incompatibility, lack of communication, cultural or religious differences, infidelity, impotency, among others. On approaching Fotis International Law Firm, you can expect to be connected with an adept family lawyer, who will patiently listen to your issues and provide you with all the available apt legal solutions based upon your circumstances. Our areas of expertise is not limited to just handling divorce cases but also a wide range of legal concerns pertaining to personal affairs.

 Our team of Family Lawyers are well-seasoned to handle various legal issues concerning personal affairs and have proficiently represented our clients, in a manner to secure favorable outcomes in the following matters:

  1. Divorce proceedings under personal laws of different countries before the UAE court and under the UAE laws;
  2. Wills and Inheritances;
  3. Domestic violence;
  4. Maintenance, division of assets and child custody;
  5. Foreign pre-nuptial agreements;
  6. Enforcement of financial orders post dissolution of marriage;
  7. Travel ban against the spouse intending to take away the child from the custody of the other spouse.

There is no better place than Fotis International Law Firm to reach out to legal professionals who are well-versed and finely trained to attend various kinds of legal needs pertaining to family matters. Our team of family lawyers tend to approach our clients seeking for divorce with a sensitive yet practical attitude in order to extend all the legal and moral support they need to get through this phase of their lives. Our team of family lawyers understand that clients with family issues would require patient listeners and attentive responders, therefore, you can be confident to feel no lack in this aspect, as our team is highly dedicated to meet our clientele needs. What makes us to deliver an outstanding legal service is our mindset to find solutions to make things happen against all odds. Language is no barrier to connect with us to share your legal concerns, as we have a team of family lawyers who are fluent in speaking different languages.