Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution in the UAE

At Fotis International, our dispute resolution lawyers are regarded as one of the best in the region. Our in-depth understanding of the law and court procedures, in addition to providing practical solutions, is highly valued by clients. Our primary objective is to settle disputes promptly and effectively by causing the least amount of disruption possible. We strive to give the ideal legal solution for our clients to settle disputes and issues. Our legal team has the most qualified and experienced lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates in the UAE, all of which have extensive experience resolving disputes in local courts around the UAE.

Resolving our clients' complex dispute resolution challenges

Fotis has a strong dispute resolution offering and has extensive experience in relevance to the matter at hand. Our firm comprises UAE’s top lawyers in mediation, litigation, and arbitration services.  Our expert mediation lawyer in UAE dealing with mediation and arbitration have experience in both civil and common law jurisdictions, as well as a professional certification in regional arbitration. Our lawyers are highly qualified barristers, arbitrators, and solicitors with a global reputation and handle business dispute resolution effectively. Fotis is also recognized to have played a key role in the development of the DIFC as a favorable jurisdiction for dispute settlement, as well as setting important precedents and providing access to justice.

We help our clients in every step of the way, from the onset of a dispute until its resolution. We provide advice to the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, corporations, sovereign governments, executives, and directors. Our expertise in cross-border contentious matters, technical capabilities, and broad geographic coverage enables us to guide them through the complexities that often arise when dealing with large, sophisticated transactions. Moreover, our experienced rental dispute lawyers in Dubai specialized in Real Estate Law deal with all cases of rental dispute.

We also represent our clients in various matters including:

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With proven track records and an outstanding team of advocates, Fortis Law Firm promises to serve you with the superior legal service in Dubai.

Litigation Lawyers in UAE

Fotis is composed of highly qualified lawyers covering all aspects of litigation. Our commercial litigation attorneys have extensive experience in handling any type of commercial litigation matters in our law firm in Dubai. We have filed a number of appeals produced by the Court of First Instance’s judgments, all of which have been victorious.  We have expert litigation solicitors in the areas of Court of First Instance, Appeal, Cassation, and Execution on our team, and we shall ensure that a positive judgment is reached in your favor.

We are recognized for a very commercial and practical approach which we adopt in the resolution of a dispute, and the excellent advice that we deliver in a timely and approachable manner. Our clients rely on us whenever they are faced with disputes that are critical to their interests. They trust in our abilities to deal with complex, high-value, and sensitive matters and to deliver the best possible result. For any of your dispute resolution cases, kindly reach out to us via the contact us form, WhatsApp, or email, and our legal consultants in Dubai will be glad to assist you.

Legal Services

We can help you in the following practice areas.

Intellectual Property Law

Technology & Media

Our attorneys work with close evaluations and studies that can help you deal with the right investment of your Intellectual Property especially in the field

Finance Law

The attorneys and lawyers from Fotis will fight their best in all matters that are related to providing you financial security and assistance.

Real Estate

With Fotis, you get assured assistance and guidance on everything you need to get acquainted with while dealing with sale, rental, and lease of real
Our lawyers and attorneys are experienced practitioners and they can help you in being your perfect middlemen and place of advice dealing with matters of
When it comes to law and justice, Fotis can be your best legal partners even when it comes to personal matters of marriage, custody, family,


We cover matters related to claims and policies for insurance for all strata including the stakeholders, employees, health claims, accident claims, and so on.
Our team of empathetic and supportive lawyers and attorneys provides you all the required services and legal advice in matters related to your health care

Labor Law

Fotis and its team of expert lawyers have a good amount of practice and experience and can help people dealing with their labor laws, assuring


Fotis can be your most trusted legal group to partner with. With our expert team of lawyers, be assured that your legal matters are in

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