We are sure that you may have come across numerous instances where law firms in different parts of the work were using splendid metaphors in this section of their practice areas. However, we understand that it is not the website, but the quality of our service, that would help us and our clients flourish. It would be relatively easier for us to hire an agency that would be able to write all our content for this website in order to get more hits. However, that is not our mission or vision. We are a team of result-oriented and client-satisfaction aligned lawyers in UAE. Therefore, we have endeavoured our best to keep the information on this website to the minimum so that we are able to provide you with a first hand experience when you contact our lawyers in Dubai directly.

Dubai, being a global center for trade and commerce, has witnessed a multitude of cases over the past few decades. This has made us want to ensure that our litigation and dispute resolution team of lawyers in UAE are the best of the best. Our dispute resolution team houses dedicated lawyers that have experience in dispute resolution and litigation in over five major jurisdictions. We are glad to be known as one of the foremost law firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that have represented international multinational companies and domestic conglomerates. Our dispute resolution team works alongside the lawyers that specialize in that particular industry so that our clients are afforded with the highest and most sophisticated level of service by our law firm in UAE. Our lawyers have sector-specific knowledge and take pride in being referred to as one of the top law firms in Dubai in litigation and dispute resolution. Our litigation team is the largest team of lawyers within our firm and comprises legal masterminds from across the region. However, this does not mean that we solely take up high profile cases. We understand the need for dedicated lawyers even in claims of lower values as we treat all our clients equally with utmost respect and professionalism. Therefore, it would be apt to say that the cases that we take up at our law firms in UAE range from simple domestic litigation matters to complex cross border transactional claims. This makes us one of the best lawyers in Dubai and we take every bit of pride in what we have accomplished with the support of our clients and mentors.

  • Litigation

Our litigation lawyers in Dubai provide strategic and bespoke legal advice based on the details of each case and we make it a point to understand even the minute facts of the case to be able to represent our clients to the best of our abilities. We have been referred to as the lawyers in Abu Dhabi that take a step back to ‘think outside the box’ prior to initiating legal action or appearing at the courts. Our litigation team includes numerous lawyers that are able to represent our clients in various courts across the UAE (including, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates). Since we place paramount importance on understanding the facts of each case and the issues in question, we always make it a point that attorneys who are able to communicate in the language(s) preferable to the client are appointed in their matters. Communication is the key and we place maximum reliance on the same by taking attorney client relations to a different level. We do not consider a litigation as a case or an assignment; but rather as a challenge. That helps us maintain our proven track record in the region. Our litigation team assists, advises and represents clients in all the courts in the UAE for cases including: –

  • Bankruptcy Law: The Federal Decree Number 9 of 2016 on Bankruptcy Law (the Bankruptcy Law) came into effect on 29 December 2016 in the United Arab Emirates. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Dubai have extensive experience in the procedures concerning bankruptcy laws in the UAE. The Bankruptcy Law clearly states the routes to avoid adverse financial predicaments that lead to such situations (with careful detailing on liquidation of assets, off-court financial restructuring, ability to secure loans). Contact our best lawyers in Dubai to understand the eligibility of your company to liquidate or restructure under the provisions laid down in the Bankruptcy Law.
  • Civil Litigation: our litigation teams of lawyers in Sharjah and the rest of the country specializes in civil litigation i.e. cases filed by an individual against a company (legal person) and/ or another individual. Despite the fact that we are one of the best corporate law firms in Dubai, we make it a point to assist individual clients as well to the best of our abilities. Our lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be able to assist you in any and all kinds of civil litigation matters including simple debt recovery, insurance issues, real estate, etc.
  • Commercial Litigation: Our lawyers in UAE specialize in debt commercial litigation matters i.e. when a company (legal person) files a lawsuit against another company or against an individual. Our offices in the country will be able to represent you in court and governmental offices in all Emirates in the UAE and the region.
  • Criminal Law: Our criminal law pundits in Dubai have complete knowledge of the criminal law procedures in the country. We will be able to assist you and guide you through the adverse criminal law proceedings including filing cheque bounce cases, drafting memorandums, A to Z representation in criminal proceedings at the Public Prosecutor’s office, police department and criminal courts.
  • Debt Recovery: We are one of the best lawyers in Dubai that specialize in recovering debts and have an unparalleled track record because of the guidance of our partners directly in debt recovery matters. Kindly visit our Debt Recovery Practice Area webpage to understand more about recovering debt in UAE.
  • Employment: Human resource planning is very essential for all companies. Our firm’s employment law specialists in Sharjah and rest of UAE specialise in a wide range of employment related issues.
  • Insurance: Insurance claims and cases related to insurance matters require attorneys with knowledge on the subject and experience in regulatory proceedings. Our insurance lawyers in Dubai have a combined experience of more than twenty (20) years and pioneers in the field. We would kindly request you to visit our Insurance Industry webpage to obtain further clarity into the insurance team of lawyers in UAE.