“An increasingly digital world is no longer an abstract concept; it is a reality. As a system thinker, I strongly believe that an enterprise must strive to synchronize its digital transformation strategy with a cybersecurity strategy”, as quoted by Ludmila Morozova, international cybersecurity woman influencer. It is true that we are living in a world highly driven by advanced technology. As much as the ever-evolving technology has brought us to a new level of incredible accomplishments in various spheres of our lives, the fact that it has jeopardized the safety and security of our vital data and information is undeniable. Cyber risk is one of the most significant threat encountered by individuals, major and minor conglomerates, government organizations, and many other such sectors which are majorly reliant on technology for running their essential functions. Some of the most frequently occurring cyber risks are hacking (unauthorized access), malware infiltration into other’s computer system and network, breach of privacy, vital data, trade secrets, phishing, denial of service, identity fraud, electronic fraud, cross site attacks, zero-day exploits, trojan virus, among others. In order to curb the cybercrimes, robust and comprehensive legislation has been enforced by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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