“For a man, when perfected, is the best of animals; but, when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all”, as stated by Aristotle. This implies the importance of having a strong codified criminal law to maintain the order of the society. Irrespective of strong penal provisions, occurrence of criminal activities is inevitable. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) contains stringent penal provisions and effective criminal procedures to execute justice. The justice system of the country is vitally depended on the professionals responsible in upholding the genuine cause of the aggrieved party. Criminal Lawyers are bestowed with great responsibility to represent their clients in criminal matters with due diligence in order to ensure that their client’s interest is protected against all odds. Fotis International Law Firm houses a team of adroit local and international criminal lawyers, who can understand what is at stake for the client in the criminal matters and accordingly come up with favorable and client-focused strategies. Our team of criminal practice is able to deliver top-notch and flawless legal services because of their years of experience in representing various criminal matters before the UAE courts. Their familiarity with the UAE’s criminal proceedings and fluency of Arabic and English languages, helps them to prevent unwanted glitches and secure desired results. Our team of criminal lawyers have finely represented clients in the following cases

  1. Bounced cheques;
  2. Defamation;
  3. Travel ban and deportation;
  4. Forgery and fraud;
  5. Medical negligence;
  6. Misdemeanors;
  7. Drug trafficking;
  8. Robbery;
  9. Juvenile crimes;
  10. Sexual harassment and rape;
  11. Infringement of privacy;
  12. Bail application;
  13. Tax evasion;
  14. Public office offenses;
  15. Cybercrimes;
  16. Human rights violations
  17. Conspiracy;
  18. Hate crimes, among others.

On your first consultation with us, you can be sure to receive a complete and realistic evaluation of your case and the best recourse available. Our firm’s criminal practice approaches each case with an exceptional prudence which helps them to assess the case effectively, so as to devise pragmatic strategies to secure the most favorable results. Our team of criminal lawyers are well-trained to evaluate all the possible options available to attain positive and realistic results in any criminal matter as opposed to drawing hasty and ignorant conclusions of the case. This allows our criminal lawyers to come up with full-proof course of action to protect our client’s interest. Our team of criminal practice is highly-skilled in drafting effective legal notices. We adopt empirical methods while analyzing any criminal case, this helps us in constructing an apt course of action. We have a fine team of criminal defense lawyers too, who have been able to adeptly represent clients facing severe to trivial criminal charges. Our criminal defense lawyers are able to accurately decipher each case in the light of the facts submitted and applicable legal provisions. This clarity of the case helps them to stay on track with all the essential steps involved in the court proceedings. We stay in continuous touch with our clients and give timely updates of the case. We analyze each case in a professional manner and represent our clients with competence. Our way of approach towards each case is what makes us stand out, as we always tend to think out of the box to fit into the law, which allows us to avail the most favorable outcomes.