“Everyone lives by selling something”, as quoted by a famous Scottish novelist, Robert Louis Stevenson.  It is true that commerce has become the most adopted way of living to make a livelihood. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the busiest and most preferred commercial hub for its various viable reasons like, strategic location, founded on the principles of tolerance, supportive and protective legislations and above all, a government which runs with a high vision to see the country exceptionally prosper, among others. With the growing times and changes, the laws regulating various commercial aspects has undergone a thorough and significant reformation. Time-to-time, UAE government has taken initiations to encompass the need of the hour regulations and statutes governing the commercial sphere. It is very likely for many major businesses to encounter myriad kinds of legal concerns and issues during the course of commercial transactions at both domestic and international level. This is where every entrepreneur seeks to find a trustworthy lawyer to rely on for receiving apt legal assistance and advice. Fotis International Law Firm houses a diversified team of erudite and adept commercial lawyers, predominantly specialized in the UAE’s commercial law and international commercial law. Our team of commercial lawyers have also mastered various other branches of law governing different kinds of commercial aspects like, intellectual property rights, competition law, taxation law, consumer protection, law of torts, contract law, civil law, among others. Our team of commercial lawyers have gained commendable expertise and up-to-date knowledge of all the branches of commercial law to efficiently tackle and also provide bespoke legal advice on the commercial legal issues like:

  1. non-compliance with the business regulations;
  2. breach of contract;
  3. disclosure of trade secrets;
  4. unfair trade practices;
  5. bankruptcy procedures;
  6. infringement of intellectual property rights;
  7. cross-border transactions;
  8. advertisement and marketing disputes;
  9. tax related disputes, among others.

Our team of commercial lawyers have secured favorable outcomes on commercial legal disputes at both domestic and international level with their undefeatable strategic approaches. Our team of commercial practice has worked with many major domestic and international entities and have been able to provide them with dynamic and viable legal assistance and guidance on matters like:

  1. Reviewing of the business contracts in order to ensure that the terms of the contract are in accordance with the ever-changing business regulations and to detect any such clause which is not in favor of our client;
  2. Drafting of the commercial contracts;
  3. Cross-border transactions;
  4. Mergers and acquisitions;
  5. Franchising;
  6. Agency agreements;
  7. Sponsorship agreements;
  8. Sale of goods and service agreements;
  9. Distribution agreements, among others.

Our years of experience and unbeatable depth of knowledge in the commercial sphere at both international and domestic level, sets us apart as a law firm who can deliver practical, effective and client focused legal service. We are sought by clients across the globe requiring exceptional legal assistance in commercial matters. We never fail to meet the client’s interest even amidst the complicated circumstances of the matter. Our capability to stay updated with the often changing local and international business regulations allows us to deliver a flawless legal advice and assistance. Our team of well-trained and highly qualified commercial lawyers are vouched by many clients for their professional and client oriented legal service.