Capital markets creates a channel, whereby the person in hold of capital and the person requiring such capital can exchange securities. Precisely, capital market is a medium which allows various entities to trade different financial instruments. The medium can include stock markets, the bond markets and the currency and foreign exchange markets. Financial products like equities and debt securities are sold via capital markets. Capital markets play a vital to promoting effective financial transactions and benefits the individuals who need such funds. Capital markets are divided into two kind of markets, primary market is where new securities are issues and sold and the secondary market is where already existing securities are traded between investors. Fotis International Law Firm is the place to look for a highly-qualified team of capital market lawyers who have acquired immense knowledge and competency to provide exceptional legal services this sphere all across the Middle East region. Our team of capital market lawyers have a long-standing trust from wide range of clients from all across the Middle East region because of their unparalleled legal service on various aspects of capital markets.

Our team of capital market lawyers have been able to provide apt kind of legal advice and assistance to clients in various dimensions of capital markets:

  • Regulatory compliances;
  • Formulated corporate finance strategies for non-financial and financial companies like investment banks, mortgage lenders, private equity funds, insurance companies, hedge funds with respect to capital market;
  • Provide with accurate legal guidance on matters related to securities law;
  • Have efficiently handled matters regarding the stock exchanges, government bonds and Initial Public Offering (IPO), Sukuk (financial certificates), debt and equity securities.

Our team of capital market lawyers can be highly relied upon for any kind of legal service with respect to capital markets.