Our team of lawyers in Dubai specialize in representing clients in numerous matters before local municipalities, governmental offices (such as the Department of Economic Development, Dubai Land Department, Roads and Transport Authority, Federal Tax Authority etc.). We endeavour to bridge the gap between clients and regulatory bodies to ensure that there are no compliance issues in the future. Therefore, another aspect of our Administrative Law Practice deals with compliance issues.

Our team has vast experience in dealing with the governmental bodies and regulatory authorities located in different Emirates and this has helped us in formulating a client-oriented approach to understand their requirements and issues. The Administrative Law Practice at the law firm in Dubai has extensive experience in assisting and advising clients on various statutory requirements such as obtaining permits, no objection certificates, building permits etc. from the respective authorities. Therefore, this team also closely works with major players in the real estate sector and has an absolute knowledge of the local regulations that apply to construction of buildings in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Northern Emirates. Our lawyers in Abu Dhabi also specialize in advising and representing clients on the following regulatory aspects: –

  • regulations issued by municipalities;
  • filing applications;
  • attending meetings at governmental offices;
  • applying for permits;
  • licensing; and
  • filing disputes and complaints.

We understand the importance of Administrative Lawyers in Dubai as certain laws and regulations specifically apply to some sectors. Therefore, there is a growing need for lawyers that have deep knowledge of these laws and regulations  to ensure that the interests of the clients are safeguarded in the long run. Our Law Firm in UAE houses one of the top teams that specialize in this sphere and we would be glad to advise on any such requirements.