• Vicarious Liability in Employment Law

Vicarious Liability in Employment Law

March 27th, 2021|

Vicarious liability is a doctrine in English Tort Law, the Doctrine of Vicarious Liability, which imposes an indirect and secondary liability of an employee’s wrongdoing on his [...]

  • Trademark Registration under USPTO

Trademark Registration under USPTO

March 27th, 2021|

How to protect a trademark or patent from its illegal and unlawful use is a question of concern to many authors, inventors, and entrepreneurs worldwide. To sort [...]

  • Trademark Registration in Oman

Trademark Registration in Oman

March 27th, 2021|

The Sultanate of Oman is known as the gateway to the Gulf. Oman is one of the emerging business destinations to the industrialist and investors. It strives [...]

  • Trademark Registration in Israel

Trademark Registration in Israel

March 27th, 2021|

The State of Israel is a western Asia country, and in 2017 the total exports in goods and services were US$102.3 billion, and the total imports were [...]

  • The Abraham Accords

The Abraham Accords

March 27th, 2021|

The Abraham Accords is a joint declaration between the United Arab Emirates (the UAE), Israel, and the United States (the US) initially agreed on 13 August 2020, [...]

  • Tax Group Under VAT in the UAE

Tax Group Under VAT in the UAE

March 27th, 2021|

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is executed in the UAE through the Federal Decree-Law Number 8 of 2017 on Value Added Tax (the VAT Law). This tax [...]

  • Setting up a Family Business in UAE

Setting up a Family Business in UAE

March 27th, 2021|

A family business is a unique kind of business. It ought to be handled with uttermost care.Families own or control a vast majority of businesses around the [...]

  • Related-Party Transactions in Bahrain

Related-Party Transactions in Bahrain

March 27th, 2021|

The Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) organization is a forum where governments work together to address globalization's economic, social, and environmental challenges. To collaborate on regulations bearing [...]