Finance Law
calendar 21st December 2022
A Practical Guide to Navigating International Financial Sanctions Rules in The UAE

Financial sanctions are frequently imposed against foreign nations, including people, companies, and entire economic sectors, during times of international crises. ...

Commercial Law
calendar 13th December 2022
The Most Notable Changes to the Company’s Law in Saudi Arabia, – A Detailed Explanation Of the All-New Provisions

The Saudi Arabian Kingdom's Council of Ministers passed the New Companies Law on June 28, 2022. ...

Commercial Law
calendar 5th December 2022
What Is the Difference Between Using the Commercial Agency or Commercial Distribution Agreements In UAE

Commercial agency agreements may appear to be very advantageous to the major party, but the parties to agency agreements would avoid many misunderstandings ...

Criminal Law
calendar 29th November 2022
The UAE Continues To Combat Bribery And Corruption

The prosecutor's office has been investigating financial irregularities such as bribery and contract fraud. Its goal is to put an end to the misappropriation of public funds. ...

Corporate Law
calendar 22nd November 2022
The Competition Regime of UAE

The state has been keen on enhancing and growing the institutional and legal environment by changing some existing laws ...

Family Law
calendar 15th November 2022
The Rights of Women In Marriage, Divorce And Child Custody Based On Shariah Regulations In The UAE

The purpose of this article is to provide an insight into the fundamental rights of women as per the Sharia and Personal Status Law ...

Corporate Law
calendar 8th November 2022
Procedures to be Followed in Case of Winding Up of Companies

Winding up of a company might be required because of various reasons including the conclusion of business, misfortune, bankruptcy and so on. ...

UAE Blogs
calendar 1st November 2022
Energy Regulations in the United Arab Emirates

In this article, we look at some legal issues pertaining to renewable energy M&A in the United Arab Emirates. ...

Employment Law
calendar 26th October 2022
New Resolution for The Employee Protection Insurance and Bank Guarantee.

The MOHRE issued Ministerial Decision No. 318/2022 on the 27th of June, 2022 concerning the Bank Guarantees and Employee Protection Insurance. ...

Arbitration law
calendar 18th October 2022
Tethyan Copper Company Pty Limited V. Islamic Republic of Pakistan

In this article, we will shed light on a decade-long dispute between two major parties with regard to an International Investment agreement ...

Capital Market Law
calendar 10th October 2022
VARA: Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority Digital Way Ahead

The Government of Dubai has enacted new legislation to promote the growth and development of businesses operating in the virtual asset sphere. ...

Maritime Law
calendar 6th October 2022
The Shipping and Maritime Industry Is the Backbone of International Trade – Explaining The Registration of Ships and Getting Licenses from The Regulatory Authorities In UAE

Shipping is beneficial to everyone in the world, although few people are aware of this. ...