calendar 26th June 2023
Implications of the New Tax Residency Rules in UAE

In this article, we will explore the implications of the new tax residency rules in the UAE and understand how they may impact various stakeholders. ...

UAE Blogs
calendar 17th June 2023
Execution Of UAE Judgements In The United Kingdom And Australia

This article aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of the execution of judgments issued in UAE in two significant jurisdictions, UK & Australia ...

Cyber Law
calendar 19th April 2023
Data Protection in The United Arab Emirates

The UAE has been able to create a legal framework fully compliant with international standards on data protection. ...

Business Law
calendar 14th April 2023
Understanding FIDIC Contracts and its Application in UAE

contract between two parties is drafted by adopting a model form of contract which governs the relationship between the two parties. ...

Finance Law
calendar 20th February 2023
UAE Central Bank Issues Guidance on Anti-Money Laundering Risks in the Payment Sector

This article will focus on the efforts of the United Arab Emirates in the fight against money laundering and terror financing. ...

UAE Blogs
calendar 15th February 2023
The DFSA Crypto Token Regime

DFSA which oversees the DIFC, took its first action in October 2021 when it unveiled a new system for the control of Security Tokens entering the DIFC ...

Employment Law
calendar 11th February 2023
Work Permit for Expats Over 60 Years of Age and Official Retirement Age for Expats In the UAE

The emirate in the UAE offers self-motivated and dynamic job opportunities to a diversified group of locals as well as ex-pats every year. ...

Corporate Law
calendar 2nd February 2023
Understanding Corporate Power Purchase Agreements: A Global Analysis

A PPA is a contract entered into directly between a provider (also known as ‘generator’) and a customer (also known as ‘offtaker’) ...

Criminal Law
calendar 25th January 2023
Asset Seizure and Evidence In United Arab Emirates

This article will shed light on the methods and legal issues that must be understood and examined in order to secure assets ...

Healthcare Law
calendar 18th January 2023
A Brief Review on The Health Care Framework in The United Arab Emirates

The UAE operates within a constitutional framework at the federal level that includes provisions for the population's health and welfare. ...