This is an age of campaigns. Companies spent millions in public relations and research and development. The value of a symbol (mark) is considered as one of the pivotal assets of the company. However, who ensures that other entities do not bask under the renown of your company? Us.

The Intellectual Property Practice of our law firms in UAE is one of the most effective and dynamic practices in the region with a multicultural team of lawyers that specialize in different aspects of intellectual property. Our law firm in Dubai is part of a handful of firms that have a team that is dedicated towards protecting and safeguarding the intellectual property of clients from across the globe. Our skilled lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be able to strategize your company’s approach to protecting or defending its intellectual properties (such as trademark, patents, industrial designs and copyrights). Our IP team specializes in the following aspects: –

  1. Trademark registration in UAE – You would be able to take full benefit of our top lawyers’ guidance and assistance to register trademark in Dubai and UAE;
  2. Filing trademark applications and objections;
  3. Trademark Infringement and Dilution – A trademark of a company is the company’s first image of distinction to the public. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the company’s trademark is not copied by other players in the market to take undue and unauthorized advantage of the company’s goodwill and market share. Trademark infringement suits are a sensitive subject and should be approached with care to ensure that the long-term commercial interests of the clients are safeguarded. The depth of our IP lawyers in Dubai benefit our wide clientele in this regard;
  4. Brand Enforcement;
  5. Patent Registration in Dubai – We understand that attorneys need to understand the details of the particular product or mechanism in order to assist our clients in patent registration in UAE. We provide our clients with seamless approach to register patent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by first studying and understanding all the specifics of the particular product;
  6. Intellectual Property Auditing (IP Audits);
  7. Consumer Protection (against fake goods and parallel importation);
  8. Registering Copyright in Dubai and UAE.