Our full-service law firm in UAE consists of a team of dedicated lawyers specializing in the Hospitality and Leisure industry. The colossal industry has witnessed a lack of lawyers with specialization in the industry and knowledge about the practices in the industry. With that in mind, our offices in the UAE established a separate team of lawyers to guide the players in the industry in their legal requirements. We have experience in the legal aspects of the hospitality sector from an operational and commercial standpoint; and this in-depth expertise helps us to service our clients on various platforms. Our multidisciplinary lawyers understand the different legal issues that arise in the industry. We advise advertising companies, fitness clubs, franchisors, gymnasiums, hotel chains, hotel owners, leisure clubs, (amusement, theme and water) leisure parks , management companies, restaurants, (inbound and outbound) tourism companies and sporting events. We act as the counsels for various international and renowned events in the region and advise on a wide spectrum of matters including data privacy, event organizing, facility arrangements, financing and funding, governmental approvals, negotiations, revenue pool and ticketing.

Our expertise has enabled our clients to conduct their business operations with ease and efficiency. We have also advised and assisted numerous online gaming avenues with conveyance and intellectual property rights enforcement. With hospitality and leisure being one of the core sectors that our firm practices in, we assist in bridging the cap for international franchisors in the domestic markets. That stated, our short term goal is to service the major players in the industry and our long term vision is to mould our client’s operations so that they can work effortlessly and broaden their operations. We advise and assist clients in drafting various industry-specific agreements such as facility agreements, hotel management agreements, profit sharing contracts, sale purchase agreements, security contracts, tenancy contracts, premises terms and conditions, among others.

Our team also specializes and represents clients in various domestic and foreign forums in a variety of disputes on accident cases, construction claims, employment matters, insurance claims, municipal compliance and rental disputes. We provide comprehensive legal advice on numerous transactions in the Middle East and wider Asia. With years of experience and practice, our lawyers are among the few in the region with an impeccable track record in the sector.