Consistency is key. Our lawyers specializing in banking and financial services practice group have gained world class reputation over the past decade for advising international and domestic clients on various aspects of the industry. We advise retail banking institutions, financial services companies, investment banks and private equity firms on capital formation transactions, corporate and commercial matters, financial transactions, loan and structure negotiations. We understand that the banking industry plays a vital role in elevating the economy by enabling individuals to prosper, investors to flourish and businesses to expand. Therefore, our banking lawyers in Dubai have been at the epicentre of the convergence of domestic market trends with global industry standards over the past couple of decades.

Our expertise include advisory and conveyance in bankruptcy, structuring, and mergers and acquisitions. We regularly assist clients on asset financing, debt financing, regulatory compliance and corporate compliance in the UAE. We also serve as legal counsels and advisors on various cross-border transactions in the banking and finance industry surrounding loan arrangements and financing. However, our practice does not end there: our team also specializes in negotiating loans and payment terms  for companies and individuals based on their requirements and liquidity. The firm’s lawyers in UAE have in-depth knowledge on the rules and regulations issued by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, the Securities and Commodities Authority, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (of the Dubai International Financial Centre) and the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (regulating the Abu Dhabi Global Markets). We provide strategic advice after understanding the requirements of every party to an (operational or project specific) transaction. We capitalize on the stronghold of our partner’s knowledge in leveraged buy-outs, debt restructuring, structured financing and commodities trading.

Islamic Financing

Our team of lawyers in Dubai have detailed comprehensive knowledge on Islamic tranches, formed on years of practice and guidance. The deep knowledge that our team possess has enabled us to act as a catalyst in various transactions and structure various Shariah compliant arrangements. We act on behalf of clients on Islamic finance transactions with various firms and banks in the region.